Luxury apartment complex coming to Pasco Riverfront

A luxury apartment complex in Pasco is offering riverside views and a rooftop patio.

The Columbia Riverwalk Apartments are being built by Pasco-based Zepgon Investments.

The developers say they hope the $7 million project sparks a chain reaction of exciting builds in the area.

Jesse Zepeda bought the land at 2120 W. A St. on the Pasco riverfront about 15 years ago.

The first of three apartment buildings on the property will have 60 units. The complex will eventually have over 280 units. One, two and three-bedroom floor plans will be available. Apartments will average 1,000 square feet.

Rent ranges from $990 to $1600.

“It’s in a class by itself in the Tri-Cities,” said Property Manager Linda Henjum. “There’s no other apartment building that can compare to these views.”

The build started at the end of 2019. Now the developers are ready for pre-leasing. The apartments are predicted to be ready for move-in in September. If you’re interested, call 509-792-1150.